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Graves - Sell or Donate

If you own graves which you do not intend or are unable to use, then you may have the opportunity to sell or donate your graves. If you are looking to purchase grave spaces at a more affordable price, then Dressler’s Jewish Funeral Care may be able to assist.

If you are interested in purchasing a grave(s), click here for a list of SELLERS.  

Grave Sell / Donate Form:

Your Information:
Home Phone
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Name of Plot Owner:
Name of Cemetery:
# of Plots Available:
Is the Plot in a Synagogue Section? Yes    No
Name of Synagogue or Section:
What year were the plots purchased?
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I would like to:
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The following information would be helpful if available:
Plot Lot # (or #'s)
Grave # (or #'s)
In addition to the plots, do you own any of the following:
Grave Opening and Closing?
Yes   No
If Yes, how many?
Vault or Grave Liner?
Yes    No
If Yes, how many?
Grave Marker/Stone?
Yes    No
If Yes, how many?
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Funeral Service?
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