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Funeral Planning and Caskets
Complete graveside funeral services include the following:

  • Transfer of the deceased to the funeral home
  • Directing the funeral at the graveside
  • Use of refrigeration (required by funeral home)
  • Preparation and handling of the deceased and/or use of the preparation room
  • Use of the funeral coach (hearse) for the funeral
  • Use of facilities or a room for the deceased (following preparation) and/or shomer (watcher)
  • Casket prices (when Pre-paying):

    (click to enlarge)
    Casket Casket Description Price
    C88 Concord: Solid Walnut, Polished Walnut Finish, Beige Linen Interior. $16,900

    Moses: Solid Walnut, High Polished Natural Walnut Finish, Almond Velvet Interior. $9600
    C81 Mahogany red. Eggshell velvet. $8900
    C72 Moriah: Solid Cherry Urn Corners, Polished Colonial Finish, Almond Velvet Interior. $4295
    C34 Joseph: Solid Poplar, Satin Peach/shaded Finish, Rosetone Crepe Interior. $3295
    C55 Oak matte, Rosetan crêpe, Solid Oak. $2995
    C48 Dunfield: Solid Oak, Polished Autumn Brown, Rosetan Crepe Interior. $2895
    C38 Miriam: Solid Poplar, Apricot Finish, Orchid Crepe Interior. $2695
    C31 Rosh: Poplar, Walnut Finish, Rosetan Crepe Interior. $2395
    C27 Almond: Solid Poplar, Dull Brown Finish, Rosetone Crepe. $2095
    C18 Shem: Pine, unfinished pine wood, bamboo linwood weave interior. $1895
    C22 Dan: Solid Poplar, Light Brown Matt Finish, Ivory Crepe Interior $1595
    C17 Ira: Flat-top, no stain Poplar with handles and interior fabric $1395
    C15 Nahum: Flat-top Unfinished Pine with Handles (no interior fabric or padding). $1250
    C14 Orthodox: Flat-top Unfinished Pine (No handles, no interior fabric or padding). $1095
    Prices applicable when establishing a pre-paid account
    The above caskets contain no metals.

    Additional Funeral Home Options: (1)

    Item Item Description Price
    Monuments Upright; Flat Bronze; Granite; Marble $800+
    Vault Simple concrete vault required by the cemetery $995-$1295 (2)
    Shroud Bury deceased in muslin (burial shroud) instead of clothes $100
    Register Book Hard cover Included
    Thank You Cards Generic (Qty. 25) Included

    Third Party Expenses:

    Item Item Description Price
    Death Certificates Death certificates issued by county $5 each ($25 first copy)
    Funeral Notice Funeral notice in a daily newspaper $350 est. (3)
    Taharah Ritual washing performed by Burial Society (Chevra Kadisha) $100-$300
    Shomer A person who stays with the deceased $12 per hour
    Limousine Professional passenger limousine service $145 per hour
    Gratuities Gratuities for cemetery personnel $20
    Rabbi's Fee Depends on circumstances Varies

    When Shipping Deceased:

    Item Item Description Price
    Container Shipping container $300 (4)
    Dry Ice When needed for shipping $50 est.
    Airline Airline charge for shipping domestic $500-$800+
    Funeral Home Out of town funeral home and cemetery Call for Quote

    Cemetery Charges:

    Item Item Description Price
    Grave Space   $2500-$6000
    Digging Open and close the grave $1500-$2000+


    (1) Other options available. Other costs may exist.
    (2) Depends on cemetery and day; includes installation.
    (3) Actual price depends on length of notice and newspaper charges.
    (4) Required by the airline.


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